The Man Behind the Prefix

I’ve been known as Kro for the last few years as an officer in a progession focused raiding guild. Were not spectacular (272 US ranked as of 4/15/2010 according to but weve made steady progress over the years always hovering near the top of the server. Blood Red Moon is also one of the oldest guilds you’ll find having been formed on 1/12/2005.

In August of 07 at the culmination of Vanilla WoW raiding I joined BRM as a restoration druid. Since then I’ve main raided as 2 damage specs, 2 tanking specs, and 3 healing specs across 4 classes with a smattering of many others as off specs and alternate characters. (Basically, ask me about anything other than warriors, warlocks, or hunters)

I intend to chronicle my adventures in world of warcraft as they may or may not pertain to the real world and as a diary of my toons and guild progression.

-Kro (magnon, diak, voke, la, tei, lore, gaan, ast) – Blood Red Moon – Zul’Jin (US)


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