Posted by: Kro | April 4, 2011

4/12: Heroic Maloriak Tanking and Next Steps

Though not exactly as progressed as we would like, we have managed to take down 4 heroic bosses. Halfus, Chimaeron, Atramedes, and Maloriak are all dispatched and our sights are  refocused on Magmaw with a dash of Wind Council.

We took down Halfus, and Chimaeron handily. They took their share of learning but we’ve soundly committed them to farm content. We then spent a week or two on Magmaw but for whatever reason it was just not happening. Since then we restructured our officer corps and with a new disposition we set our sights on Atramedes and Maloriak.

Tanking has been somewhat of an issue, and that issue is that I’m being called to do it.  We’ve recently had some turnaround in days where we can expect both of our main tanks to be available all three raid nights. This in combination with certain fights requiring more than one tank have put me up to the plate on more than one occasion.

Having now done some tanking job on each of the heroics we’ve downed (sans chimaeron, thank you for making this a DK dps tank position) I’m comfortable in meeting the demand but still firmly aware that tanking is quite possibly my worst role performance wise. I consider my healing, melee, ranged to each be better than tanking but alas not everyone has a tanking spec geared and ready to go.

Maloriak is easily the most difficult tank job. I never enjoyed picking up multiple adds as a tank mid fight and this heroic fight has two mechanics happy to oblige!

The vile oozes that come out in black phase are a bit staggered. Having rend up on Maloriak helps to Tclap (still trying not to say pestilence when I mentioned the tclap rend spread) your dots to them followed by some cleaves, and shockwave. Now you get to stutter step slowly moving backwards. The difficulty is to hold all 5 oozes, while avoiding the black void zone/ooze puddles, paying attention to grabbing any oozes you may lose and making sure no one is in your kite path so you won’t get ooze puddles behind you.

This job became a bit easier the more I tightened up my openers because I had less  issues with wandering mobs.

The second job is to corrale the aberrations through red/blue phase and then survive green phase. I’m sure many people are comfortable with this rule, but on short notice I was learning black phase tanking and aberration tanking in the same pulls.

I had trouble early on before someone pointed out I could tank up to the first 6 aberrations and would only need to kite when the last three are released. With 9 aberrations up it became important to make sure hunter traps were staying up and that rings of frost were available when called for. The hardest part is picking up the final 3 adds without letting your 6 originals out of the hunter trap. What I found helpful is to get a shockwave on your 6 at the edge of the frost trap, then grab any aberrations released on the opposite side. You can follow the purple lasers from maloriak that indicate how many (between 0-3) aberrations are going to spawn on each side. Once the first side if picked up, you can get some threat on them, Intervene to your raid, then charge the second group. By this time hopefully your 6 travelled across the frost trap and now must travel back across to their original side.  Another shock wave to glue your 9, and a heroic leap away from them will hopefully get you through to green.

The biggest thing to remember after your successful green phase is to not breath out! It’s time for black again!

At this point, you’ll want to assess how your raids dps is performing. You’ll want to limit the fight to 2 black phases. You can heroism early on and still heroism in the burn phase (12 minute enrage)

Thankfully, our main warrior tank was on the following week when we got our kill, I was only subjected to tanking this fight for one night of wipes.

The other exciting portion of getting this kill was using arms to dps. Bladestorm was a lot of fun especially paired with recklessness. I was also fond of Deadly calm execute/heroic strike spam in the burn phase. I was however a bit tired of Arms after some mediocre damage on the farm content that week. I hadn’t respecd back to fury between Malroiak learning and keeping a tank spec is pretty important to me. I could just respec back and forth from fury and arms but I’d rather just not have to worry about it.

I’m not sure if I’ll give fury a “whirl” this week on Maloriak. I suppose it all depends who is tanking.

Moving forward this week will be Magmaw, and with a bit of luck we will continue work on Council of Wind. We had some lawl attempts on Council last week after we finished farm content and got our Maloriak kills 5 hours into our 12 hour raid week. Unfortunately Maloriak attempts came at the price of downing Magmaw normal and instead we learned that melee on the red platform enjoy tornadoes and cthun eye beam mechanics! We also learned how fun it is to kite flower adds forever instead of killing them.

Wish us luck this week. We are progressing but we still have a lot of work to do. Until next time!



  1. Yay for killing stuff! 🙂

  2. I LOVE YOU KRO! ❤

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