Posted by: Kro | December 29, 2010

Off Topic: AFC Playoffs

Just wanted to say congratulations to the 6 Pro Bowlers in 2010 from the New England Patriots.

Tom Brady, rookie Devin McCourty, Vince Wilfork, Meriweather, Logan Mankins, and Jerod Mayo.

Meriweather is the only dude I find suspect on this list.

As for the upcoming playoffs, I’m always excited this time of year because our guild, Blood Red Moon, has several members that are standard bearers for perennial NFL contenders. With the Pats, Steelers, and Ravens all represented it certainly makes for great conversation during raids.

The is an unfortunate byproduct because I begin to see these people as competitors when I’m used to seeing them as teammates. This is always a fleeting feeling but disconcerting all the same. It is a relief when the playoffs are over however no matter the outcome as it’s back to business in guild. At least from my perspective.

All the same, this year we will see all three of these teams in the AFC playoffs. The 3 other teams are all interesting stories at least from a Patriots perspective. The Jets and Colts are probably the patriots biggest rivals and both matchups could easily go either way as the 2 Jets games were split this year and the colts matchups have been split over the last decade.

The last team in the playoffs this year is newcomer Kansas City Chiefs. (Hereby referred to as Patriots Lite or Patriots West). Patriots West has our favorite 2008 Brady replacement Matt Cassel, who is having a brady-esque year with, I believe, 20 something touchdowns and 5 interceptions. The Chiefs also have a wealth of coaching/management talent formerly with 2010s AFC number 1 seed. GM Scott Pioli makes his presence felt and coordinators Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weiss (both New England coordinators from the storied 3/4 Super Bowl years) will be on the sideline. We also can’t forget Mike Vrabel, also from the pats glory days, who went to the Patriots lite with Cassel and sports the greatest touchdown percentage of any player (12/12 for 100%). An amazing feat … especially considering he is a linebacker.

Perhaps we can get some perspective from devoted followers of these other teams in the comments section. As a Pats fan I’m most afraid of the Chiefs and the Ravens. Though I’ll give the Ravens/Colts the nod as most likely to beat the Pats (If anyone does). I just don’t like Belichicks track record against his former pupils (see Pats-Browns 2010 featuring Rob Ryan and Mangini)

Ravens played us closest this year w/o Ed Reed but that was also the first game the Pats adjusted to a Mossless offense and before the lowly patriots D had any hopes of sending 4 players to the pro bowl. 

Do any of you have any thoughts on how the NFL playoffs may affect guild relations? Is it all fun and games or is January/February the perfect month to check “At War” on your crisp new Guild Reputation bar?


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