Posted by: Kro | December 28, 2010

Rerolling: a Healthy Roll Backwards in Confidence

As a Kro would do, rerolling for an expansion seems to be a certainty rather than merely a strong bet.

I’m now 2/3 in not only rerolling, but changing my expected new class at the last hour to an altogether new class. A “rereroll” if you will. I’m also a solid 2/3 in rerolling to the newest available class (Alliance Shaman, Death Knight).

This time however I fell back on a staple class for not only Warcraft, but for gaming in general.

I quick couple weeks of prepping a five-year old, level 30 character and I’m back in the saddle riding on as a main Warrior.

There and Back Again: A Krobbits Tale

The last few weeks of Wrath of the Lich King and the first few weeks in Cataclysm have had quite a few ups and down for me personally.

I could go on and on for pages but I’ll try to hit on some of the highlights.

Going from Shadowmourne adorned DK, destroyer in battlegrounds and random queue dps spec tanking champion to unproven Warrior, sweating every white attack, clinging to cooldowns like a high-rise window washer with a severed belay, has had a resonating impact on my psychological balance.

Tanking (just one drake) in Halfus 10 man before I was ready gear wise was a horrible experience. Our whole plan centered around how quickly the raid can kill the other drake before I died (cooldown rotation finished = splat) so the main tank wouldn’t need to hold Halfus and both drakes at once. It was demoralizing at best.

However the bright side is considerably brighter. I’m not a tank main spec, and if I needed to be I feel like at this point in my off spec gear acquisition, that I would be a suitable replacement.

To be clear, even at appropriate gear levels, I don’t claim to be a miraculous tank. Asked point-blank on a scale of 1-10 (10 being from the Daphne, Haines mold) I responded with 6. Then again what one meant was never defined in this scenario.

I’m still not thrilled with my warrior dps just yet. My first raid (Tron Council) I noticed a serious increase in proficiency from the start of the raid to the end. However as the weeks go on and everyone is at or beyond best in slot heroic dungeon pieces, I’m having more trouble keeping up on damage.

I feel like I have a good chance of being top damage or at least top 3 or top 5 on every pull. Not to say I am reaching that goal, but I feel like it’s possible every time. Finding a way to transition to reaching that goal is going to be key.

Last night was an abysmal failure though and prompted this post. I was consistently last on meters for 10 man (whatever his name is) Alchemist Dragon Duderino. Not only was I last on meters but I was messing up kicks (letting a tick go off on Arcane Storm) which prompted Izellah to kindly take over. Even still, while kicking the add summon (which mercifully requires a few missed pummels) I was having trouble getting the proper amount of add summons per phase cycle. To top it all off I single-handedly ruined our most productive pull of the night causing a nasty 100k hp wipe at 11:50 (raids end at 12). I managed this by dying in the red phase, with a boss debuff on me. I had missed an add summon kick and thus needed to kick all remaining casts. I didn’t pay as close attention to the debuff and died as we were going into the 25% burn phase. 1 dps down in a 10 man means a lot to an enrage timer.

I was so pissed with myself I couldn’t even apologize to the raid or say anything after that attempt capped a full night of sub-mediocrity.

Thankfully, we had an extremely clean and uneventful final pull resulting in a guild first kill of the nasty alchemist. My dps was at a passable (barely) 9-11k throughout the night which is definitely something I can build off considering everyone else seemed to fair in the 10-13k range. Once I get more than 2 weeks experience as a warrior dps I’m hoping my dps isn’t as severly handicapped by things like boss abilities or unusual kick situations.

I’m also set to pick up my first Arena 2h epic weapon before tonight’s 25 man raid. If I can get lucky with drops or possibly convince myself that Archaeology farming for Zin’Rok isn’t the worst grind in wow history I may even have 2 epic 2h weapons before long. Those acquisitions ought to help my bruised ego as well as my justification for a raid spot immensely.

I’ve got my work cut out for me but I’m optimistic moving forward. They can’t get much worse, and if they do.. my priest is slowing making her way to 85. Apparently leveling archaeology to 525 gets you to level 83 on its own… some incentive to continue farming Zin’Rok I guess… sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh

However as Borsk outlines in his most recet post, healing isn’t a cakewalk these days. If it comes back to me healing, hopefully I haven’t been hiding behind an overpowered chain heal spammer in BC or deluding myself with a dangerous false sense of security in the simplistic WotLK paladin.



  1. Oh right, forgot the “up”

    Caught a fish THISSSSS big earlier last week when as a guild we took 10 folks through a rolling of Molten Core for the guild achievement.

    Impressively the eye of sulfuron dropped and I was able to win the roll.

    9k gold for some extra ingots/bloods of the mountain combined with the surplus of mats I had with my year long quest of getting Thunderfury on my DK and Hand-O-Rag on my paladin grabbed me a cool legendary on my current Main.

    I’m still after a pair of Glaives for my warrior but that can come in time. For now I’m much more comfortable with my new main now that the pain of leaving 3 legendaries behind is abated.

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