Posted by: Kro | October 1, 2010

Back In The Saddle

These past couple months have produced precious little to post about (obviously). Blood Red Moon decided to discontinue WotLK raiding in the midst of wide-spread burn out, lackluster attendance, and the general consensus that pushing Heroic Lich King over the next several months would permanently exhaust some of our on the brink raiders. This happened about 2 months ago I would say but it’s hard to keep track of time without a backdrop of boss kills to base how many weeks have passed.

There were a scant few who strongly opposed this decision and still more who were keen to continue raiding. These folks branched out and have either moved on from BRM or are participating in mercenary raiding elsewhere. I say elsewhere but I should say Affinity US Zul’Jin.

I believe at least five BRM folks have been absorbed into the Affinity machine who are currently working on Heroic Lich King. They, to my knowledge, are working on phase 2 with a record attempt of 43%. 

Well, I finally threw my hat in the ring and made known I would be interested in taking up a couple of nights a week if they could use the help. I had planned on only giving up 1-2 of my recently discovered Call of Duty/League of Legends nights however in a seemingly star aligning moment the main Affinity holy paladin had thrown his towel in.

With this development I suppose it makes sense to give three nights a week and hope we are able to kill the Lich King in a reasonable timeframe.

Flash forward to the actual encounter.

Heroic LK (now having around 15 attempts under my belt) is about how I’ve expected. The mechanic changes aren’t too difficult but the slightly increased portions on your plate are enough to make you think while requiring you max your dps like never before. I’d have liked to bring my Shadowmourne adorned DK however Affinity seems to have a gaggle of S-mourned Knights and melee in general.

I imagine phase one shadow traps wouldn’t be as fluid during your first week of attempts but stepping into a raid with P1 on farm seemed almost like a cakewalk. The Shadow trap mechanic which spawns on a random raid member and takes about 5 seconds to explode will toss nearby raid members off the platform and permanently remove them from the fight. This permanent death (not brezable) is on par with being dropped off the ledge by a valk, however it’s more obvious who is to blame.. (hint: the dude at the graveyard). These traps show a ring around the explosion range which if triggered will explode and knock back anyone within a few yards of the ring graphic. Rifkin says “it is about 5 yards beyond the ring on the ground.. but don’t quote me on that” … oops my bad.

All in all P1 is pretty easy (for the holy paladin). Judge on cooldown for mana, reapply your beacon once. Use plea/illumination asap (70ish% mana) so you can use plea/wings in p1 and plea again in the transition phase. Move with the range group from shadow traps. Run into the Shambler if you are plagued. Essentially everything you know from normal mode applies + don’t stand in shadow traps.

Phase 2 becomes a bit harder as far as I understand. In the limited attempts I’ve been raiding again (2 nights including an instance clear/farm night) I’ve managed to see 53ish% a few times as well as some of the things that can go wrong on the individual level. For me personally I boned up an attempt dropping defile in the Valks while tunneling on reapplying beacon and stunning my valk assignment. I’m sure my rusty license is valid for 1 or 2 more of those bone headed mistakes but I’m hoping that it’s not necessary.

For me phase 2 remains about the same. I’m still assigned a stun target.. (but this time with new improved specing into imp stun!) as well as bombing holy lights on the tank and dealing with the ping pong of in for valks, out for defiles. DPS requirements are obviously increased dramatically but unfortunately that doesn’t affect me all that much. It’s also important for DPS to figure out how to get Valks to 50% rather than dead. In Heroic mode the Valks drop their victim at 50% and then fly up in the air to do some such nonsense that my only understanding is to just keep healing. This means experimenting is involved which includes understanding valk hp vs dot strength/number vs distance to ledge. Leaving a target at 56% so you can dps another valk or keep poking at LK is way more efficient than sticking on that valk until 50% and watching him tick down needlessly to 44%.  All very interesting stuff that I’m jealous I’m not involved with.

With this raid team having a 43% wipe under their belt shortly before I started raiding with them, I’m sure I’ll have plenty to report about P3 in the near future.

Until then, in the words of Husky.. I’ll see you guyssss next timeeeee.



  1. The biggest challenge as melee is balancing the Defile/DPS dance. I personally run out once my BigWigs gives me the ‘5 4 3 2 1’ audible. Is it worth sacrificing personal DPS time on the chance that a Defile is on me and vice versa.

    I wish I could say I go through a mental flowchart, but honestly, like a soccer goalie, I have to commit to a decision and hope for the best during that moment.

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