Posted by: Kro | August 11, 2010

A Rant About Jaina’s Locket

Here we go…

So I was unable to complete my Jaina’s Locket Shadowmourne flavor item quest. The reason was because I already had the Locket. Unable to complete the quest due to   duplicate item was an interesting problem to solve.

I immediately put in a GM ticket and “immediately” received a response several days later. I was initially very pleased with the GM suggestion. Delete my current Locket, complete quest, give Locket away, and have the original Locket restored.

Fair enough. As you can tell from the word rant in the title I’m sure you can probably guess what happened next. I’ll give you 2 seconds to think about..


Yeah they honestly took away one of my n amount of item/character restores, without asking at that.

I vividly remember the first item restore I asked for and went through. I was level 54 on my first character and had accidentally deleted one of the LBRS key fragments not remembering what it was. At the time it seemed daunting to get it to drop again, being a 15 man instance and not a 100% drop like it is now, as well as being in a guild that only had a couple of keys and didn’t run anything but UBRS. Without a “are you sure you want to delete” box at the time and not even being max level on any toon I was a bit miffed that I only had a certain amount of these mistakes before I would be F’d for the rest of my time in game.

After I spent a year or so in Azeroth I would often look back to this event and feel ashamed that I had wasted what seems to be a precious resource on such a poor choice. How could I have known I’d still be playing the game a few months after that point? (or much longer)

Here I am 5 years later and now I’m charged with my 2nd item restore after a GM suggested that I delete the item so they could restore it. 

Maybe I’m being naive and I should have expected.. GM restore = restore taken away from my total amount. I guess I just thought this would be different. I was told to delete my item. I had to delete it in the first place because of what I believe amounts to an oversight. A quest item (where the quest text explicitly suggests that you share the rewards with others) is BOE, and if you do equip one such item, you are forever precluded from finishing the same quest and passing on the reward to someone else?

 The problem I was confronted with went against the spirit of the game as far as I can tell and customer support suggested a fix that involves me signing away my right to something more important. Let me paint a picture.. We will presume the magic number of restores per account is 2. I’ve reached my quota unknowingly.  My little brother jumps on my computer while I’m in the bathroom and deletes my Death Knight. “Sorry Mr Kro, you’ve reached your account allowable restores and we are unable to restore your character.” This is obviously a worst case scenario but it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility.

If this were to happen would I rather have the LBRS key on a character I haven’t played in 3 years, or a flavor item on a character that is presumably deleted….

I feel like my first restore was my own fault, I didn’t understand the gravity of the situation at that time and have regretted it ever since.

This restore came as a huge surprise. I’m blown away..

I would mostly like to know how open my flank is. Am I out of restores? Do I have a cushion of 3 or more? Do they reset every year perhaps, or every 2 years?

When my first restore occurred and I was told that I only had a limited amount of restores per account I immediately asked how numerous that amount was. Of course they couldn’t answer, but that is what unsettled me the most..

So my plea to Blizzard, give us some snippet of how many restores we get. Is it a single digit amount? Does it reset at any interval? Are characters and items on the same restore limit?

Or is it possible that we could take another look at the bind on status of the quest items from arguably the most difficult and arduous quest chain in modern WoW. Is it really in the spirit of the game that if you have received one of these prestigious flavor items from a friend who has completed this momentous task that you are forever precluded from passing on the reward to others, or at the least, returning the favor to the original wielder?

I’m not bitter though.. (then why write this?) well I’m not extremely bitter. I do have Shadowmourne finally. I did get Hand of Rag the week previous as well. I’m quite happy with my legendary status currently and also very content playing quite a bit of Starcraft 2. I just thought I would at least bring this to someone’s attention.

If this will stop one person with a Shadowmourne flavor item from equipping it BEFORE they complete their own Shadowmourne. (Probably the definition of small audience) then perhaps we can call this post a success.

It’s possible I’m being overly sensitive about my restore count. I probably should have expected that going this route would take away one of these minimal lifelines. I suppose I did this to myself, but I still feel slighted in some way.

Womp, Womp



  1. has anyones account ever been deleted/hacked w.e and blizzard NOT restore all their items?

    I dont even think there is a restore quota, i think they just tell us that so that we wont send tickets in everyday for restoring grey items or w.e

    Ive used about 3-4… maybe more. Back in vanilla I had a GM restore a lvl 40ish +nature resist neck so that i could raid in aq40. and the dude was all “are you really sure you want to do this, you only have a limited amount” “yes im sure, you made it so we need x amount of NR and this neck is required to meet it!”

    While yes, i think they shouldve warned you that it would indeed cost you a restore, at the same time I dont feel like its as big of a deal as you may be making it out to be.

    (if they restored all borsks stuff and the Guild Bank… im sure you’re ok with your 2 restores, love)

  2. I don’t think I ever used a restore my first go around at WoW. This time though I think I have gone through like 3 in two years. I have a habit of deleting/selling epic items thinking that they are greys… yeah bad habit. I’ve also gotten hacked once as well. I’ve never been denied and every time I ask how many restores I have left I am always told “limited”.

    This leads me to believe if you’re asking for a restore every week or month eventually you’ll get denied, but if it’s an every once in a while thing blizz most likely isn’t going to deny it. The idea is that you don’t ask for a restore on every single item you’ve lost period and are responsible with the GM’s time.

  3. I love you Kro, you can assist off me anytime.

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