Posted by: Kro | July 21, 2010

Healing Hands: Grabs a Leg Up

  • Healing Hands now has a 1 min cooldown.
  • Speed of Light *New* – Casting Holy Shock grants 5/10/30% spell haste for your next Flash of Light, Holy Light or Divine Light, and casting Healing Hands grants you 10/20/60% movement speed for 10 sec. Also lowers the cooldown on Healing Hands by 10/20/30 sec at all times.

**Edit** The sprint has been changed to 4 seconds as opposed to 10 seconds as of July 30th-ish. I feel like this is a good thing as 10 seconds was way to much but 4 still will get you to hustle butt over to where you need to be every 30 seconds.

So you may have seen my posts on Healing Hands and why I didn’t think this new paladin aoe heal would work as originally presented.

 In my first angry post from April 19th I was not optimistic at all and even said specifically that this spell would not work without a passive sprint…. Thanks Blizz for this fix. I know it’s not exactly passive sprint they are giving paladins but 100% up time while this heal is up is essentially where I was going with that comment.

In my second post I cleaned up my thoughts a bit but still came to the opinion that Paladins would end up good enough to have in your raid, but not the preferable choice.

With these changes I feel I can rescind this opinion and go back to feeling comfortable about holy paladins in Cata. They also added all healing spells back to beacon but reduced the healing amount transferred to 50% (down from 100%)

With the ability to sprint to a group when they need Healing Hands, having beacon (even a reduced transfer beacon) on our presumed bread and butter heal, and the option to use Healing Hands as utility to sprint in non aoe healing situations (something I felt the pally lacked and what is drawing me to priests for body and soul/lifegrip) will go a long way to achieving parity in the healing classes.

It may even be too much and I’m sure well see how that goes in beta and when 4.0 goes live. Until then I’ll continue farming Hand o Rag, finishing off shadowmourne, waiting for SC2 release, and playing CoD:MW2 (my first night ever last night)


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