Posted by: Kro | July 8, 2010

Starcraft 2 Beta Phase 2 is upon us

The last month without Starcraft 2 Beta has been a harsh calm before the storm. We’ve eagerly awaited the return of our favorite alien vs predator clones, but finally that wait is over. (Sort of)

Though were not able to play just yet, (Matchmaking doesn’t seem to work, nor create a game) You can log in and the update while signing in says Blizz is working on fixing

While we wait I thought I’d offer a few tidbits of information to those folks unable to log in at this time and check out the achievements or portraits.


First off, the starter portraits seem a bit more detailed. The starter portrait rather than looking like a generic teenager is a dude with a goatee, weathered hat and noise reduction ear muffs. There is also a lined african gentleman, and two women with short hair (one with the same cap on). The caps both have a bunny on them, anyone know the significance of this?

3 New Portraits are Tiger, Panda, and Wolf Marine. These are awarded for completing guides 1 2 and 3. They are somewhat cartoonish and not realistic but still look pretty fun.

You can be Orlan, a military beret and handlebar mustache portrait if you win a free for all against 7 insane AI players.

The solo win portrait requirements have been severely increased. Marine, Zergling, and Zealot have all been increased to 10, and from there go up to 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 750, and 1000.

Random portraits (following the same win requirement order) are Reaper, Sentry, Overseer, Viking, High Templar, Mutalisk, Banshee, and Hybrid Destroyer.

The 1k Win portraits seem to be a character each, Hybrid Destroyer for random, Terran is a woman Nova, Zerg is Queen of Blades (with a VERY cool portrait), and Protoss is Tassadar. There is also a portrait for winning 1k games as each race option, this one is Dark Voice.

For 25 Team Random wins you can have a Hydralisk Marine portrait in the same vein as the Cartoonish Panda, Tiger, Wolf Marines.

Theres also a transformer panther looking portrait named Predator for 1000 team wins as each race option.

Plenty of portraits are available for Sc1 units. Goliath, Vulture, Medic, and Firebat are all represented.


There are a few hundred achievements so far, many of them with different degrees of difficulty in the varied modes. The more interesting achievements are the Combat ones.

They include creating 10 marines in the first 320 seconds of single Melee game, 20 Zerglings in the first 255 seconds, or 5 zealots in the first 250 seconds.

Expanding before 225 seconds have passed, repair 1k life on allied structures, deplete 10 rich mineral fields are a few of the economy combat achievements.

Melee combat achievements include Destroying 10 cloaked or burrowed units in a single game, Kill 50 supply worth of units in 15 seconds, Create a Zealot as the Zerg,

A new “anal” achievement to Link in “The Back Door” which involves using warp prisms to warp in 50 units in a single game.

Save 8 burning terran buildings, cancel construction of a structure that is being destroyed by an opponent, and control 15 hallucinations at once (all of these in a single game) are a few other melee combat achievements.

League combat achievements are mostly killing a certain amount of units with different abilities or units. 20 Units using Yamato blasts, 20 units with sniper rounds, 30 units with infested terrans, 6 units with a single Seeker Missile, 40 Units with any single unit, 20 Scvs with Auto-Turrets, Destroy a fully loaded transport (lol raining blood is this ones name). There also Macro Master achievements for training 9 terran or protoss units (21 for zerg) at the same time.

Some other fun, noteworthy achievements are “Work, Work” Win a league game without exceeding 30 seconds of total idle harvester time, “Big Brother is watching” hold a xel’naga tower for 5 consecutive minutes in a league game, and “Denied” destroy a command center, hatcher, or nexus while it us under construction.

These seem like a lot of fun flavor things to do in Starcraft 2 and I can’t wait for the matchmaking to work so I can start working on them (well not seriously because I’ll wait for release to really try)

So fear not folks, Starcraft 2 Beta Phase 2 is here.

Also (as expected) the wow integration on friends list is up and running, Thanks cheese for logging into wintergrasp and going in VoA wihle im sitting here looking at the SC2 Achievement pane to remind me about this. I also see my realID friends last online for wow while im in SC2.

Obviously we were expecting this but I still find it fun to actually see it in practice.



  1. I’m glad there are higher difficulty AIs for this phase of beta. Testing weird build orders was impossible in phase 1. You can beat a very easy AI with just workers if you want.

    Co op vs ai was also something I was looking forward to. Now to get raining blood….

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