Posted by: Kro | May 25, 2010

Strength of Wyrnn: v4

The fourth iteration of the Strength of Wrynn buff is here and with it comes praise and jeers from all over the aisle.

It’s not a secret that my guild has been seeing a bit of a slow down in attendance. A lot of it over the last month has been the usual end of school lull mixed in with some folks quitting until expansion and others just feeling the burn out over years of raiding. When you also have steadfast guildies cringing with every cancelled raid and aspirations to hold the course and keep the pace we set with Sartharion and Ulduar a year ago, were up for some tough times.

With each buff increase we seem to lose 1-2 raiders. A new job schedule was our most recent loss (not that that can be helped). The problem this creates is each buff increase essentially balances us out. We spent a lot of learning time on Heroic Putricide trying to get a kill with the 10% buff but he seemed to elude us. When 15% came out we thought it would be cake but it took us another couple of weeks just to get a full 25 person raid. With a bit of undermanned practice, learning with 24, we were able to push through.

Sindragosa proved to be a similar beast. Feeling lucky if either Wed or Thurs raids were actually held, we would pound away at Heroic Sindragosa for scant few hours. For all things holy, we managed to kill her with 3 pulls yesterday evening. It would have been a pretty large blow to spend all of the 15% buff to come away with only Heroic Putricide.

Now that we stare 20% in the face, I look forward to a bit of achievement farming. Needing Neck Deep in Vile, and All You Can Eat. We are also going to go back and redo a lot of the achievements we did while waiting for the wings to be unlocked. We’ve had a lot of turnover since then and a small break before we dive head first into Heroic Lich King is well deserved. Well, rereading that sentence, we really don’t deserve a break after all the called raids recently, I think the break we need is from the tension of a standing boss we are fully capable of killing that refuses to bend to our will.

On a non guild note, 20% will also hopefully speed up the Gold DKP pug I attend on the weekend. Collecting shards (up to 21 currently) in our 3 hour time frame has been a long and arduous challenge. Starting almost 3 months ago and only going 10/12 in the pug with the release of 15% was a bit tough. However I’ve only been collecting shards for 7 weeks and at 21 that puts me at around 10 weeks away from Shadowmourne. I’ll shave off a couple weeks assuming my average SPW increases with 20% and later 25% over that timeframe and hopefully have a shiny legendary before Cataclysm.

What better way to get Borsk to let me be a DK main than to get Shadowmourne in a pug and hand over my healing reigns (not the shaman ability) to my capable raid mates with their 30% healing bonus!

P.S. That last paragraph isn’t meant for Borsk’s eyes so I’ve cleverly coded it to not show up with his IP address. No commenting on it!

Good luck to everyone tonight. May you all use this added 5% to push over whatever hurdle you’ve been stuck on.


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