Posted by: Kro | May 4, 2010

Quick Update

Just a quick Kro update over here.

Work has been quite busy the last few weeks so I’m unable to spend a decent amount of time on a quality post.



Borsk was able to get me a Starcraft II beta key and I’ve been playing that quite a bit. (Oh noes even farther behind on daily dungeons and 5 characters worth of profession quests) Having only played against AI in very limited amounts of StarCraft and WarCraft3, I’m pretty terrible, but having loads of fun all the same. My race is Terran as it was in SC1. I was able to place in bronze league after my 5th RTS match against a real person, however I think realized it’s error and dropped me to copper league after winning my first rated match after placement…. seriously? yeah. If you want a match im Krovoke.bloodredmoon

I’ve been doing some 2v2 in the Beta with Borsk where we were placed in bronze league, and even miraculously remain in the league after a few matches so my hopes are high. We are 5/5 technically, though one loss was from a DC. We are also still pretty noobie so I feel like well rise pretty quickly once we get more practice.

I can certainly see myself forgoing generational alts 3 to 5+ in Cataclysm to prop up my StarCraft 2 time in the future. Well see how that goes and maybe I’ll start making some posts about my thoughts on StarCraft, though I’m by no means any kind of expert on that material.

My Previous and Future Main Progress

My Priest lucked out and got into a low-end ICC10 Pug a week or so ago and picked up some gear. It was quite fun and I loved being able to swap disc-holy and back whenever I chose. It was not 100% parallel but comparable to having access to my resto druid as my holy paladins dual spec rather than protection. I’m quite excited about the prospects of healing as a priest in Cataclysm and all the flexibility that comes with it. At a respectable 5200 gear score my Priest should now be able to find a decent 10 man ICC to attend regularly which has been my main goal for her since I decided to take the priest plunge. Still a few hundred gs shy of my resto druid and 1k gs behind my now 10 man free agency on my holy pally I may have trouble convincing groups to let me go on my underdog. We shall see.

Shadowmourne progress on my DK Krovoke through an alt pug is going well. It took 4 weeks to get 8 shards but with the 15% buff we were able to clear 10/12 rather than the usual 6-7/12 and I got 5 shards this week. If this sort of drop rate keeps up I may be able to finish during this expansion.

Main Raiding

As far as main raiding goes were in a bit of a slump. I’m optimistic with the end of school terms ending and a lot of our recent absences will be fewer and farther between, but even with the buff to 15% last reset we were unable to push over the last hump of Putricide Hard. I suppose when you spend 3/4 of your progression time with 24/25 raiders and a different 3-4 people are missing night to night, while still making progress compared to the previous week you can call that a victory. We weren’t looking for anything short of a kill though so we are a bit bummed out. Perhaps this week we’ll see full raids and 2 new hard mode kills. I’m eager to get them out of the way so I can be satisfied with the expansion. I feel like were spilling into the winding down portion of the expansion and losing focus when there is still hard nosed progress to be made!

Oh I also race changed to Dwarf, name changed as well from Krona -> Krodiak. I’ve been tanking a lot lately in main runs to fill a gap while we recruit and I could not stand the female Draenei tanking animations. So now I’m a giant orange bearded male Dwarf and very pleased with both tanking and healing animations. I’m also falling into the subliminal roleplay of being a dwarf a lot easier than I imagined. It’s really rekindled my interest in my paladin and will likely keep me riding high on him until the end of the expansion. (Something I was worried about recently and desperately interested in swapping back to my DK or a different healing class.) I’m all for doing whatever is best for the guild and luckily I found an option to continue enjoying my play on the character that makes the most sense for the roles I need to cover and the current pool of options we have. I’d have stayed on the pally regardless in the interest of progression once that was revealed as a necessity and I don’t dislike the paladin play style. I was just in need of a change and I’m pretty sure I’m sufficiently sutured up for the time being.

I hope everyone elses gaming endeavors are going decently and you reach all your goals before Cataclysm comes out. It’ll be a race to the finish for me but I’m up to the challenge.




  1. uh… wtb your realID for SC2 kthx.

    • Not sure how I want to handle throwing out my realID on my Blog, check out the Murloc Parliament for a warning on giving out realID which gives your real full name to not only your friends but the friends of your friends.

      For now Krovoke.bloodredmoon ought to be enough. I’ll likely condense the name next beta patch/reset and definitely when the full game is released.

  2. oh i didnt mean post it on your blog 🙂 just meant like in game or something. no biggie though i got it

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