Posted by: Kro | April 16, 2010

Ride in Style!

In a previous post I likened my group of characters to a wrestling stable. Well now I’d like to talk about my stables stable.

Choosing a mount for your toon (*warning* subliminal Kro RP seeping through again) can be a big decision.

A mount and flying mount can really complement your characters style. For me there are quite a few rules involved.

1. Two toons cannot use the same mount.

This is somewhat of a little pet peeve of mine that isn’t exactly strict. I prefer to get some kind of a rare or interesting ground and air mount for each toon. The toon really isn’t complete until they are zipping around on  their unique (to me) ride.

2. Mounts should look like a natural extension of your race.

I can’t stand the goofy looking mount/class/race combos you see. Dwarves on Sabres, Tauren on Brewfest Rams, and Draenei (males) on horses are all just horrible abominations to look at. Draenai males on mechanostriders are also pretty horrible but they are growing on me.. looking at you Borsk

3. Your mount, ideally should match your gear.

With the exclusion of achievement/status or really rare mounts, I dislike when a mount/class combo looks like you were dressed in the dark by Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest alter ego. Matching colors is a big step for me.

4. Lore Matters!

Maybe not for everyone, but lore matters a lot to me when choosing a mount. Baron’s charger is a great addition to any death knight or warlock, a mechanical mount works great on an engineer or gnome, and holy characters ought not use tribal looking mounts.

I’ve gone with

  • Nelf Druid – ZA Bear / Swift Flight Form
  • Dran Shaman – Brewfest Kodo/ Snowy Gryphon (Still 70 and unwilling to purchase epic flying)
  • Gnome Rogue – Mechanostrider (come on these are awesome for gnomes) / Swift Purple Gryphon
  • Human Mage – .. lousy horse / Glory of Uld 10 Proto
  • Female Dran Pally – Tribute to Insanity Pony / Bloodbathed Frostwyrm
  • Human Death Knight – Baron’s Charger / Ironbound Proto
  • Nelf Priest – Celestial Steed

 Some explanation is needed for some of these. The mage is a 3rd generation alt from WotLK  and is not my highest priority. Eventually I plan to grab him the pvp dark Sabre. The froswyrm on a pally does not fit at all for me. I use it primarily because it is still quite rare but intend to eventually get my DK a frostwyrm and move my paladin back down to Ironbound.

Celestial Steed

This controversial mount was just released yesterday and is my inspiration for this post. For $25 US you can have an Algalon looking Pegasus pony. It looked great when it was data mined but in game it is a bit lackluster. I like the flying animation but the running animation leaves much to be desired. The legs are just to short. It’s quite annoying to be hovering just about the ground when I feel like I should be closer to Talbuk height.

All in all I broke down and bought the celestial steed for my priest as I’m starting to consider her a 3rd main for the time being and she didn’t have a decent ground or flying mount. The added perk is now all of my bank alts, less played alts, and future characters will never have to buy a mount again. They can gracefully glide around on Pegasus wings before they get their day-to-day rare, dropped, rep or achievement mounts.

Do you have any quirky conventions when it comes to pimping your toons rides?


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