Posted by: Kro | April 9, 2010

Gathering Weekend!

So Blood Red Moon’s gathering weekend is finally upon us once again.

My guild meets in the middle of the east coast about twice a year. 20-30 of us usually show up for a drunken, movie watching, beer pongin, console gaming, rock band playin, chatting and did I mention drinking?

It’s always a great time to meet new and old face.. face to face. This will be my 6th or so gathering and I’m quite excited.

I always go with my roommate from college as we’re both part of the guild and started going while we were at UMaine.

I won’t be posting over the weekend as I’ll be either drunk or passed out in a continuous cycle. So have a good weekend, and to the largest part of my readership, see you soon.

Also the DK changes came out.. that look nice and I’ll go over my thoughts on what this means for us. The biggest change that sticks out in my mind is bone shield moving over to the blood tree. This is great for tanks.. but really upsets me.. having a passive 20% damage reduction as a melee dps was one of my favorite parts of dk dps… QQ


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