Posted by: Kro | April 5, 2010

Weekly Raid Quest: A Horror Story

The weekly raid quest to kill a specific boss in one of the WotLK instances was a well received addition to WoW. Five frost badges (and some gold and triumph badges) is nothing to sneeze at and still raises a couple hundred gold (1500/23*5=326g). They generally take about 15 minutes and if you lead the group and bring decent folks you can even convince people to let you double up and bring an alt as well. (I generally bring my mage with my DK, and druid w/ priest or paladin)

You are not always immune to trouble though, as evidenced in the story that follows.

Let me take you to Easter day at 11AM. I’m leaving in about an hour to visit family for the day. I had popped online for a few heroics on my freshly minted priest and was propositioned to go to a weekly (Ignis) for a group that only needed a healer. 

I thought, I may as well as I still need to do it on my Paladin and Druid who are both main spec healers. I opted to go on my druid saving my paladin since he can also dps or tank. Joining the group and seeing that I was the last spot gave me a great feeling that this would be quick. I was sorely disappointed.

The first problem we encountered was the group leader had no flight skill. Well this I shrugged off, gave a chuckle that a 5.5k gear score level 80 player did not have any flight training, and continued my own flight to Ulduar. A warlock in the party would soon be there to summon our pug leader, or he would if he did not have his pet on aggressive, attack a flagged horde member outside the instance and die. He also complained of lag and promptly went offline. Well this was just great; either we find a new lock or wait to see if our current locks interwebs would come back to life.

After a few moments of standing around, we had found another lock. Trying to leave to summon the new lock with the stone outside we found that we all had our own cast lag. The sort of lag spike where you sit there for 5 minutes with the annoying buzz of the spell you originally tried to cast still fruitlessly chugging along. The group started to suggest we log out and back in. Having tried this last week in very similar circumstances was a good reason for me to ignore this suggestion. The irony that I was standing in Ulduar, again on my druid, in a lag spike that could prevent me from another week of the weekly dungeon quest was not lost on me.

Eventually the lag passed and I let out a sigh of relief. Only a half hour had passed and I still had time to finish the run, grab a shower, and be out the door. Someone started the encounter; we hopped in our vehicles, and made our way towards Flame Leviathan. I thought trash was going ok until somehow both giants at the end of the road were pulled… Ok so we are pulling quickly no problem… ok so the other demolisher is missing.. that’s fine I can solo demolisher this with two siege engines to kite for me. FL crashes through the gates with all his glory and boasting 88 million hp (if you talk to Brann[standard for a pug] you don’t need to kill towers and FL has around 23 million hp). Not believing my eyes, I instinctively started tossing destructive pyrite blasts at him. In the end it was futile. I got about 10% knocked off before we were overwhelmed with beams of multi colored light. 11:45AM, not willing to see what would next go wrong; I thanked the group and announced I would be dropping due to time constraint.

The moral of the story is the weekly is great 99/100, but mix the worst stories of the random dungeon daily with slightly higher difficulty zones and double the people and you may just find yourself sitting on a toilet in Costa Rica while Pugasauras Rex comes knocking down the door.


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