Posted by: Kro | April 5, 2010

Mini Glory

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

There was not a whole lot of failing going on as Borsk’s ten man finished off our Glory of the Icecrown Raider achievement. With the 10% buff we were able to go in and take down Heroic Sindragosa with three or four attempts of practice and getting nine New frostwyrm mounts. Our tenth came when we knocked out Putricide/Princes for a lazy Paladin named Krona who had to miss last weeks run.

I think the pressure of Borsk’s run really helped us along in a roundabout way. Having limited time, an hour before or after main raids, changing our night when main raids started taking up all four days, and a string of absences has really held us back as far as progressing our ten man. Taking time to learn a fight is not really an option when we get five or less hours a week to clear. If you spend two hours clearing the instance sans LK and your progression focus boss, you get maybe 2.5 hours to learn that boss and then just kill it on normal and clean up LK. This can be tough especially when you need to get creative with your buffs/roles to make up for the inevitable one person variance from week to week. When the pressure is on and you know this is your one hour to do this boss or you’ll have to wait another week (having no battle rez is also a fun challenge) you can really get motivated to step your game up and do it quick.

It certainly helps to have a talented group and a talented pool of raiders in guild willing to step in. My thanks and gratitude go out to everyone who made the night possible last night and with all the progression over the weeks to get there. I’d also like to congratulate everyone else who got their frostwyrm and to the other ten mans who are closing in on their own.

It was a great ride and I look forward to what Cataclysm has to bring. As Borsk mentions in his post on this topic, 25 man Glory and Heroic Lich King are the last steps to rounding off the expansion. The clock is ticking on a server first Heroic LK where we may be considered underdogs or may even be overlooked, but we hope to make a run for it. My personal goal is to at least kill Heroic LK before the 30% buff is released. Killing Kil’Jaeden last expansion after the 30% nerf was exhilarating but still stained with an asterisk.

With plenty of time left in the expansion I’m also hoping to complete Shadowmourne on Krovoke. With 3 weeks of pugging ICC I have a total of 6 shards. If this pace keeps up I’ll have my second legendary on my DK in approximately… 22/4 = 5.5 months!.. Hopefully as the Strength of Wyrnn increases Seldons ICC25 pug will start killing more bosses, perhaps even on heroic.

I’m also hoping to progress my new priest Krola who continues to grow on me day after day. I’m envisioning a 2 Main system in Cataclysm with a shadowmourne adorned worgen DK (I know the lore has trouble with worgens being death knights but maybe I’ll just pretend the first Blood Red Moon 85 worgen bit me and I’ll change race then.) and my Nelf Priest as a guild main healer. Would be nice to stick to two toons and not have so many alts but still cover my bases with a healer/ranged/melee/tank combo.

As all expansions go though, player and class flux increases to max overdrive and when the dust settles who knows exactly what or who will be left standing.

We shall see how these goals and hopes progress and perhaps culminate in the waning months of Wrath of the Lich King.



  1. Go go kro! BRM’s gonna have a warrior, a pally and a dk each with shadowmourne! Giggity!

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