Posted by: Kro | April 2, 2010

Your 5 Most Memorable but Obscure Boss Kills

In extension to my Epic Victory Nights post I wanted to mention my Top 5 memorable boss kills. I want to focus less on final expansion or final instance bosses and more on the obscure but tough fights that for whatever reason gave you the biggest headache and most satisfaction from defeating.

5. Twin Emperors – This was my first difficult new encounter with my first (and current) raiding guild. As a resto druid pumping out my down ranked healing touch (couldn’t use hots as they didn’t overlap and being new I didn’t have the highest healing power). Spending night after night here, pushing my endurance to the limit for 15 minutes only to fall short over and over. Finally downing these two dunderheads was quite a step up for me and for BRM as we could craft our own items near C’thun rather than paying the more progressed guilds.

4. Morogrim Tidewalker – “Hey Moro, what’s that steering wheel doing on your belt?” “Yar its driving me nuts!” Morogrim presented a challenge for BRM at the time. We tried a variety of strats and placements and we were in the middle of transitioning our raid leading position. We had holy paladins using lifetapping threat sponges to gather murlocs and bear that took crushing bows so hard he’d fall asleep IRL. Either way it was a very fun fight to heal.

3. Firefighter – Firefighter was one of those fights you do once and say, yep it’s done, no need to repeat (for us at least). At the time my main was my Death Knight as a blood tank. However for learning I created a modified unholy spec that gave up on threat but game me enough cooldowns to survive 3 plasma blasts. We didn’t beat FF until after the mondo nerf halving the fire damage but it remained a difficult encounter and will probably sit atop my most fun encounters for a long time.

2. Teron Gorefiend – Teron was interesting in that it required some homework. You could practice being a ghost in flash games that came out just for this encounter. Essentially becoming a mage and knowing how to frost nova and ice lance multiple targets and keep snares rolling determined if your raid completed this fight. The hardest part after a few wipes becomes knowing that if you could get to pick the first 2 people to be ghosts you could easily beat the fight. Inevitably, if you were a trial, or had never been to the fight you would get picked first.

1. Kael Thas – I know I’m cheating my own rules, Kael Thas was an end boss. How could I leave him out though? Kael took us longer than I think any other boss in my history with BRM. To this day we still think that a wild Thaladred appearing is the only remedy to spicing up uninteresting encounters. Mastering 5 phases, keeping all your diverse roles online each night and performing 100% every second, dealing with multiple mobs, weapon debuffs/auras, pyroblasts that could kill a 6k gear score WotLK tank. It was just a fantastic challenge and the rewards went far beyond loot. Access to the early cream buff bosses in BT/Hyjal as attunement just made this kill worth so much more than anything I’ve experienced since.

What are your top 5 obscure and most memorable boss kills?



  1. My list is very similar to yours Kro:

    5. Firefighter (Fire. Water. Burn)
    4. Ragnaros (HOLY CRAP! THAT S.O.B. IS HUGE!)
    3. Nefarion (What colors did we get this week?)
    2. Twin Emperors (15 minutes of blink-free combat)
    1. Kael’thas (I’ll never forget being down a healer Phase 4 and 5)

    A little taste of each wow version in that list. It’s basically the run down of how much crap I had to shovel to get those fights done. Just an utter charlie foxtrot of logistical headaches.

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