Posted by: Kro | April 2, 2010

Epic Victory Nights

Lots of raiding nights during the year are pretty generic. You have your standard farm and clear night. There are wipe nights, and chugging along nights, slow nights and progression nights, called off nights, and jeebus we need to bump the recruitment thread nights. All of these nights have their own ups and downs but none come even close to the epic victory nights.

Completing a new encounter is a huge rush. The longer you’ve been working on it, the harder the encounter was, and manner in which it is completed all contribute to the elation you feel when those last few percent tick away. With the adrenaline pounding and your focus falling, you spam defensive cooldowns and throw caution to the wind. BURN BURN BURN, ZERG IT, FORGET ADDS. It’s hard to concentrate on void zones, exploding adds, and lazer beams when your eyes are locked on .5, .4, .3, (5 more dps die)………… .2, (5 seconds on berserk) .1…..     BERSERK   … pallys bubble, dots tick… and your headset gets thrown off before your ears pop off or the sound disrupts Greys Anatomy in the background.

Nothing beats an epic victory night in WoW, that’s what we play for. Loot is great, but loot is a means to an end. We are here to defeat new bosses.

(Rewind a couple of days) Borsk started this week with a goal. We were going to beat Lady Deathwhisper with our shiny new 10% Strength of Wyrnn. Not knowing how big a difference this would make (18*2.5mil*.1=2 phantom dps players – Ok so I knew) we stepped up to the plate ready to push our first difficult hard mode in ICC25. Sure it wasn’t as diffcult as originally intended with our phantom DPS’rs (Gonna call them Cheesemissing and Lifefacetious) but it was still somewhat challenging by comparison.

We spent Tuesday with moderate success running, I believe, 6 healers and 3 tanks. It was going decently well, we had some problems with rampaging mc’d dps stomping over someone and a melee getting cleaved or pulling a hair of aggro and getting floor slapped by a hungry betrayer of humanity. We saw a fair amount of phase two on Tuesday but somehow shiny white ghosts that blow up were just a “shade” to translucent. It got pretty frustrating especially since no one seemed entirely immune, I screwed it up once or twice and I believe we had one instance of a nameless person being borsked. All in all the fight seemed a few tweaks from being toppled we just couldn’t execute. Tomorrow would hopefully be some more solid playing and deeper progression.

Well Wednesday we had new issues! (surprise right?) Your humble host Kro got to tank in our 2 tank, 6 healer strat. I believe we were up one melee from the previous night so adds should have gone a bit smoother. The same issues from the previous night cropped up on top of the noob pally tank screwing up 1 of every 3 add pick ups. Somehow the hardest thing to tank for me (constantly respawning adds and multiple pick ups) is where I always get to tank, and yes I’m referring bitterly to my time.. In the Mountainssss.. After I settled into a groove (and pathetically begged to trade our dps superstar Dalmare the warrior for another “Tricksey” Rogueses.. cougccgoughgollum) we were able to spend some solid time in phase 2 and beat our records of last night. I think Wed made me think this fight is possible for us as opposed to Tuesday when it was up in the air.

Well patiently waiting to get back into the swing of it on Thursday I thought I’d peruse some of the ranking sites. POW like a low blow I found one of our closest alliance side competitors had knocked out Saurfang. A boss we hadn’t done yet, and then later on picked up their first Heroic BQL and Dreamwalker. This not only tied them up with us, but had them surpass.

Obviously congratulations go out to Imperative. From what I can tell with my limited exposure to them, they are talented and efficient. However as an adversary, I can respect them while being determined to reclaim our alliance first position. The question I had before the raid was whether we ought to finish Lady Deathwhisper that was just within our grasp or skip and try to knock out Saurfang and Festergut before they could get the latter. I probably would have buckled to this option with 2 days remaining in our raid week and a whole instance sans Marrowgar to clear, but we were lucky again that our fearless leader decided to push Deathwhisper.

Stepping in ICC with one less healer (5) and continuing our 2 tank strategy that worked the previous night left us short a melee comparatively and up 2 ranged dps (3 if you count Cheesemissing, and Lifefacetious made up for the missing melee) This allowed us to surge into phase two. Comfortably back in my healing role, we sailed to a 45% wipe and 20% after that. Our game was back and we were giving no excuses, playing like champions. Though we did start late due to some DC’s we comfortably took Lady-D down within a few attempts. Now to cruise through and reclaim our glory we stepped up to Saurfang after a brief intermission on a boat.

We wanted to bring in a second holy pally and just the man was 30 minutes from joining us as he finished off his stack of pancakes. We thought we would give it a few attempts to get our positions correct and throw away our Mulligans.

A few wipes at mid to low percentages showed us this would need minimal tweaking. We were moving along at a nice pace, hard mode hats on and the win bell still ringing in our ears. A few slip up taunt misses and Lifefacetious missing a bop on a ranged boiling blood didn’t prevent us from taking out the Younger and tieing us back up. Or so we thought.

Earlier in the night our opponent had taken down Festergut and one upped us again but now our goal was clearly in sight. With 2 new hard modes down within an hour and our last goal of the evening squarely in front of us we marched up to Festerfudge. We had put some work into him the last couple weeks with the 5% Strength of Wyrnn but a constant streak of vacations and absences  from a big chunk of our designated hitters caused us to fall short. With our full dps roster mostly in tact and Cheesemissing and Lifefacetious filling our sails we forced Festergut into a sloppy choke hold on the 3rd or 4th attempt scraping through with another intense pally bubbling effort at the berserk.

Three new hard modes in 2 hours, the fruits of our labor realized after a few solid nights of effort, and regaining a solid hold on the Alliance top position was an epic victory night to rival (but ultimately fall short imo) of our last progression night in Ulduar. We wrapped up our night picking up an even sloppier dances with oozes, still drunk off our success, kiting around 4-5 big oozes begging to merge and explode.

I would probably place last nights work in my top 10 raid nights that reaffirm for me why I love to raid and why I’ve never looked back from Blood Red Moon.

Though Heroic Sindragosa, Putricide, and the Lich King still loom over our heads, I think it’s safe to take a deep breath, enjoy the moment, and start getting prepared for the next epic victory night in the coming weeks or months.



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