Posted by: Kro | April 1, 2010

Toyota Prius of Azerothians: Wrath of the Lich King

I got home from GameStop at about 1am, I opened the box, installed, and hovered over my paladin ready to be my first toon to log in. Another expansion, a 3rd healer class as a main. Something odd happened with me and my mouse slowly dipped down to create a new character. I created a death knight. I intended mostly to see the starting zone and quickly go back to my pally and start the grind to 80. I knew I would be behind the curve anyway since I would get up to work in a few hours and then again the day after, so what was the rush on my main when I would be 16 hours behind in the first two days? Well 1 hour became 2 and as I left the DK starting area with the very first death knights in the world (also logging the mage quickly to grant 2 levels to be possibly the first 60 DK) I knew that this was my new class.

I was only about a week behind the rest of the guild, much less than when I had swapped to shaman in the first expansion. I was able to hit 80 in time to be part of the alliance first Naxx clear. This was a huge step for us as a guild having always been in the top 5 alliance guilds and more recently the top 5 server guilds. We were also able to claim an Alliance first Twilight Zone 10 and 25 man months ahead of the rest of our faction and I believe 2nd or 3rd counting Horde.

I was tearing up the meters with broken death knight dps, 32/39 dw howling blast madness. I had so much fun playing my first melee main since ZG on my rogue. The other huge draw about DK’s was the constant flux. Every patch, hotfix, and gear level changed everything about DK’s. Being the first new class in WoW meant respecing and testing and tweaking and I loved every minute of it. I spent around 6k gold respecing my DK at 50g a pop over the first few months. Then Ulduar hit.

Ulduar will probably always remain Blood Red Moons shining moment. I geared up to tank rather quickly when our main DK tank quit wow in the middle of Sarth 3-D learning. This was when DK’s overpowered cooldowns made the fight a lot easier. Being the hybrid I claim to be, I quickly geared up to fill in. This left me in a great place to continue tanking in Ulduar since blood DK was the emergent premiere tank for hard modes. We were battling for the first time with the server superpower collecting some of our first server first kills. Firefighter was a huge one however we were still tied going into the last leg of Ulduar progression. Working on Freya + 3 knowing our horde counterparts were working on Firefighter, both of us having completed the fight the other was working on. We had just come off a horrible week of poor play and lacking attendance when things clicked. We rolled in and defeated Freya +3 in a couple attempts and settled in to fight our last road block before Ironbound Proto-Drakes. On the same night we killed Freya+3 we stomped all over Yogg+1 in 4-5 attempts and claimed our server first drakes. I even hear that our logs were looked at by competitors to verify we actually had done it. It truly was unbelievable.

Subsequently whiffed on our Algalon kill missing out on the title, and we didn’t bother working on Yogg+0 instead focusing on TOGC, but we still have that night firmly burned into our memories, taking out the last two hard modes and being the first 20 or so people storming around Zul’Jin on our Ironbound Protos.

Of course however, our healing roster started to dwindle in togc, we had issues getting all of our healers online at once and that was combined with a need for 4 paladins for our Heroic Anub strat. Well of course I had leveled my pally in the background over the first few tiers and had a decent set of naxx25 loot. I guess you just can’t keep Kro from healing eventually. I started healing, in main raids but was having some issues with the pally play style. With the mods I was using I couldn’t keep track of everything going on. (Yep, I hadn’t been using grid/clique or mouseover macros, I know what a failure) but what did I need them for when Chain Heal was to easy to use? I also hadn’t been using beacon/sacred shield tracking, again.. I was an alt, what did I care if it fell off? It was also annoying because for awhile it didn’t send heals to the beaconed target if the person you healed was at full HP so you had to watch the tank 100% of the time anyway.

Well, I got a beacon tracker and grid/clique and have been sitting pretty throughout TOGC and now ICC25. I had a few urges for more specs from naxx-toc but only had my pally and dk so I was spending a lot of time in melee range. I finally decided to start leveling alts since it was so easy to run them through a toc10 and toc25 alt run and have enough badges for a piece of tier gear. I got my mage up first and was content at 3 toons, I had a healer, 2 tanks, 2 melee dps, and ranged all in my 3 toons and it was good. However, then they made t9 available from farming heroics… well how could I sit this one out especially when I had 4 70s just sitting on my bench. Well I leveled my druid up to 80 and zerged him to full t9. Healing on my druid again was really nice, it really is a different game when you are washing the raid in hots compared to watching two health bars as you bomb holy light crits on them. Granted I do a lot of raid healing in my pally strat but I’m just simplifying.

Well having 4 80s all in gear capable of doing icc10 or higher made me a lot of gold. With primordial saronites purchasable at 23 frost badges each. Each toon getting about a saronite worth of badges per week, I was making 10k gold a week.

This all came crashing down when I decided to go for the legendary Shadowmourne on my DK however that is a story for a different post.

Well coming full circle, 3000 words later, my love for hybrids, and love for healing finally brings me to the last World of Warcraft healing class I haven’t called a main. Getting my priest (after a 2nd round of R-A-F and mad dash leveling through outland and Northrend) to 80 has capped off my leveling for this expansion (hopefully) and I can’t wait to get more experience on her as I relish in my continuing journey through hybridism.


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