Posted by: Kro | March 31, 2010

Toyota Prius of Azeroth:The Burning Crusade

There were a lot of applicants to BRM in the waning months of Vanilla WoW, we also had a lot of retiring members. The ebb and flow really opened up a lot for us as we wondered how raiding in Burning Crusade would go. Luckily Karazhan, the first raid zone, was a ten man. As we battled attunements and leveling, the first of us were able to go to Kara team one and later team two. I hit seventy as group one was just about filled but I caught my second bug. I was still all about my hybrid, but I wanted more specs. With the release of the Shaman to alliance side and only two people in BRM leveling them (I was used to our roster of eight druids) I thought I would alleviate the druid strain and make the switch. It was a bit of a gamble deciding to level another toon right as we were getting to Kara readiness but I felt in the long run it was going to be for the best, I mean who else would drop mana tide? I did go to a few Kara runs on my druid to help out when necessary, but spent most of the next month leveling my third toon.

Krotei, my shaman, leveled relatively quickly, and was Kara geared even faster considering we were now farming Malchezar. What I wasn’t expecting was to be tapped for officer upon reaching seventy. At the time I had only been in the guild a few months and was still the regular raiding rank, not even the dedicated raider rank of elite soldier. I jumped from soldier past elite soldier, knight, guild knight, and straight to blood knight. Becoming an officer of a class I had been max level for a couple of days was very exciting and pretty overwhelming. I spent weeks reading everything I could find about shaman in vanilla and about all the changes. I wanted to know each spec inside and out for all the potential recruits we’d have over the expansion.

I was also overwhelmed by being in officer chat with not only the splendid druid who had recruited me but also the immensely talented rogue leader who seemed to know more about wow than I could ever hope to know and the new guild leader who I heard was some kind of genius rocket scientist. I was also now privy to the goings on of how this guild was run including all the officer posts over its first couple of years.

I had been an officer in my first guild, but that was a different animal, recruitment in that guild was akin to invite anyone who will consent to join. Now recruitment entailed kicking the most arse to gain server reputation, checking what a person chooses to wear for gear, how they gem, what their rotation is, and for me the hardest part being.. turning people away.

I hate turning people away because I feel like they want to participate and I project my own desire to be the best I can be on to every applicant whether it’s truly there or not. I always feel like everyone can come from humble beginnings and instantly step into a progression driven raiding machine.

Getting over this aversion to turning people down is something I’m still working on today, but I certainly see the effects of opening the flood gates. In 40 man raids you could carry 10-15 people. In 25 man raids, the deeper into the expansion you get, you are able to carry 1-2 people to none at all.

 The Burning Crusade really opened up my hybrid love. I had my seventy druid and shaman and I played them both quite hard. I had a full set of pve and pvp gear on my druid for every spec. I would tank alt Kara, Gruul, Mag, moonkin and feral cat Zul’Aman, and healed all of the above. I participated in arena on both toons gaining moderate success; generally enough to grab all the gear accept shoulders. I also was main healing as my shaman in raids, and off specing through the easier content, also choosing different specs each arena season.

I loved shaman healing all the way from my first steps into Kara to our 1% wipe on twin eredar right before the big 3.0 30% nerf, (and subsequent killing of Kil’Jaeden after the nerf). Again though, at the closing of an expansion, I felt the itch for more specs.

What really threw me into a sugar coma of specing was the Recruit a Friend bonus. I created a second account with the intention of deleting it. The singular goal was  to level a paladin for what I thought would be my next class in the upcoming expansion. I leveled as protection so I could run around and gather mobs while on my second account I was leveling a frost mage. I spent a few days tabbing in and out.. consecrate, blizzard, consecrate, blizzard, /follow, run grab mobs, repeat. I was amazed at how fast it was with the enormous experience bonus from recruit-a-friend. Once I reached 60 on both toons, I tossed 27 free levels to a 33 warrior I had on my account (he still remains 60, years later) and I was ready to begin a solo career of pally leveling.. or was I? After about one level I decided it wasn’t enough to level one at a time and upgraded my second account to Burning Crusade and continued my joint leveling effort even without the experience bonus. This was sort of offset by the 30% reduced amount of XP needed to level with the big 3.0 patch.

I reached 70 on these toons and immediately made known my intention of going paladin for Wrath of the Lich King. Unfortunately for me, at the time we had three  main paladins in guild and another two, besides myself, with the same intention…



  1. I was actually kinda mad you didnt mention me in this /cry. talking about shamans.

    Who was the 2nd shaman levelling in BRM? wasnt it just you and me for a long time

    • Edit nvm…. it was Zelhara wasnt it?

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