Posted by: Kro | March 31, 2010

Dude, wheres my druid?

I had an interesting experience with my druid this weekend that I hope no one else must endure.

Briefly painting the picture, I was on my way to a trade Ulduar pug on Krolore. The group for XT must die filled decently quick and I thought I would be back on my priest in ten minutes ready to zerg through storm peaks and my last level and a half.

As I stood outside patiently waiting for a few more folks to be summoned a terrible lag spike crashed over everyone in our raid. Waiting it out a moment or two didn’t do the trick so I alt+F4’d out and attempted to log back in. Of course the usual “A character with that name already exists!” error popped up and I thought great, what a waste of a twenty minutes. I’d have been a lot happier to deal with this normal problem.

No instead of logging out due to inactivity, Phantom Krolore decided to stay logged in. I’m not sure if he was playing Peggle or picking his butt standing outside of Ulduar but whatever it was it must have been interesting. Hours went by while I played other toons, finishing the weekly on my remaining three 80’s and leveling my priest and still Krolore was happily sitting in guild, not answering my frantic tells.

I’m not sure if I was surprised or not to find that Krolore was still online the next morning. I put in a ticket to the GM’s and continued leveling my priest. Unfortunately my priest is on my main account while my druid is on my secondary so I was not present when the GM responded to my ticket.

Logging my mage on the secondary account later in the evening revealed a response from a GM. “Sorry I missed you, looks like you have sorted the issue out on your own. Have a nice day.”

… … I quickly wrote up a bit less cordial reply (though anyone who knows me, my hasty reply was quite tame, perhaps minimal seething of annoyance)

“Im sorry, but no I haven’t resolved my issue. My druid is stuck online, he appears online in the guild list and can be whispered but I am not playing him, In fact I’m on another toon on the same account playing normally and my druid is off in la la land holding my enchanting mats hostage! please help! I believe he needs to be manually booted from the game on your end. Thank you for your time”.  It went something along those lines, maybe even a bit less snarky as I’m a bit more bold here.

Well to curtail this story before I go on for pages, I didn’t receive another GM message and my druid remained online and inaccessible until the server reset. This was received with mixed emotions. On the one hand, I did finish leveling to 80 on my priest, but my enchanting mats were all stuck in limbo. I now had access to my druid who must have been forcibly booted during the maintenance, but I missed out on the weekly quest.

Still a bit bitter, I put in a ticket asking if I could be reimbursed the 5 frost badges I had missed out on due to this technical issue. I know, it’s an embarrassingly entitled attitude to make such a request but this is WoW were talking about. (primordial saronites iz serious business)

Later in the evening on Tuesday I received a GM response through email. This was in response to my second request to have my druid forcibly knocked offline. “Dear Kroast (my mage on secondary account) I had no trouble logging on and off this character. Has your issue been resolved? If so, we will need more information to identify what is actually happening”

I mean, I thought it was quite clear, A toon is stuck online and is inaccessible on a saturday through tuesday before reset, and you check on a tuesday post reset perhaps that toon will not still be online.

Oh well, hopefully this won’t happen again and I’m not as miffed as I may appear to be, I just thought I’d share this fun story.

Perhaps my druid will have the forethought to let me know in advance when he goes for a jaunt in the emerald dream again. At least know I know how Tyrande feels so I can better subliminally role play my new priest.

– Edit –

I heard back from the emailed GM, They copy pasted my first sentence “I was able to log on normally today following the reset” Ignoring my better detailed explanation of what went wrong so they could help future sufferers as well as my request for a possible 5 frost emblems (yes I asked this GM too, whats the worst they can say.. no?)

The response was..

“We are glad to see that the issue has been resolved. If you have any further questions or concerns, however, please feel free to petition a GM when you next log in. Should the issue return, please feel free to reply directly to this message and we will be happy to assist you further.”

Now that is a gentle side step to my request from a true professional and  I’m not being sarcastic either. Luckily I’ve already had that in game ticket for the lost badges marinating online for 18 hours. Wish me luck!



  1. Well, I was denied my original request. No problem, I summised as much, just an extra week before my druid lays another primordial golden saronite egg.

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