Posted by: Kro | March 30, 2010

Why I Love Army of the Dead

Borsk, or Sov as I commonly refer to him as, has been a friend of mine for a good amount of time. Since I have trouble recalling exact time in WoW according to years I’ll go with expansions.

 Sov joined Blood Red Moon just before the Burning Crusade expansion on his hunter. I didn’t really notice him as I was still getting to know everyone in BRM at the time and he was unfortunate enough to join alongside another hunter with a more interesting name. Rabbitears the Nelf obviously made you think rabbit ears but then there was the double entendre of rabbi tears. Sov stuck out when he was the first in guild to hit level 61 at release of BC (I also believe he was first in BRM to 70), and I still vividly remember thinking to myself.. who the hell is that.. Well now, expansions laters, Borsk is quite the celebrity on Zul’Jin and my raid/guild leader, and anyone that reads his blog at can tell his Raiding BBQ is one that tastes good.

This is a post in response to Borsk’s latest post. – 5 things i hate..

The top thing that raiders love but Borsk hates is Army of the Dead.

In keeping with his kind plug of my blog and his affirmation that I play Devils Advocate, I’d like to share my views on why I think army of the dead is one of my favorite abilities.

Setting aside for now the concept of thriller and wishing I played a Nelf DK every time I cast AotD, Army is a really versatile spell. Not only do you get a big pile of ghouls to do weak damage for you but you also get damage reduction equal to your parry and dodge.

When tanking, Army is a great cooldown because you have to give up your parry and dodge for the damage reduction. It really requires you know exactly whats hitting you and has some risk. Knowing to use for Falcon Punch (Fusion Punch) on Steelbreaker last, or a breath from Sartharion instead of for Thorims unbalancing strike gives it a dynamic quality. Knowing wether to just use it for a tick of big damage and releasing minimal ghouls or let the long cast finish for extra ghoul damage makes it an extremely fun spell to play with.

Now for dps, Borsk’s main complaint, sure it can cause a lot of problems (and oh man has it) but that is again what makes it so interesting and dynamic to use. Knowing when to cast it, setting up a time in a fight where you can’t dps AND can’t move for several seconds takes some cunning (if you care about your dps)

The add taunting is a big risk and does take foreknowledge of encounters but when used properly can save the day even more than other longer cooldown spells.

If every army cast in BRM raids were used 100% correctly perhaps Sov would have a different outlook on this poor scapegoat of a spell. Then again this is likely my own fault as I can remember a few occasions where I blundered it up on a new encounter. Maybe thats why everyone thought it was such a good idea that I main swap to a Paladin..

Then again im prone to blunders now and then.. apparently setting down earthbind totems prefight on Magtheridon somehow pisses off the acolytes and causes the gate to come down whether your whole raid is inside or not.

And along the same vein, (actually only vaguely in the same category) Army of the Dead should have a /dance, and summon ghoul should have a minor glyph to make it a geist or skeletal warrior/mage. I feel it’s important to get these last two points off my chest as they have been bothering me for a long time.


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