Posted by: Kro | March 30, 2010

Toyota Prius of Azerothians: Vanilla

I just finished leveling my priest to eighty confident I would build up her shadow gear because I wanted to melt some brains. However as I found myself in the first hour or so hopping across all my toons sending mats and crafting gear, (I wish my computer could handle two accounts and Netflix streaming, waiting for the mail to transition between separate accounts sucks) I find that I can’t help but get the healing BoE options…

Several years healing the pants of Azeroth really puts you into set frame of mind. Of course I have played max level tanks and dps across the expansions but I always seem to gravitate toward healing.

I’d like to give a brief (or extensive) account of my history in WoW. How I got started in the game, my journey, and perhaps migrate into brief tangents that involve what I originally intended this post to be about; why I love healing.


I started as a rogue, the reason explained in my inaugural post, and really loved being a hack and slash stabby guy. Energy was fun and I tore through ZG after convincing my leveling guild to join forces with another like minded guild. For reference, I started WoW when Zul’Jin was nearly finished with the opening of the gates to Ahn’Qiraj coming in at world third. (That stupid “Alliance needs more purple lotus” still gets quest shared in pugs years later.)

The more things went wrong the more I wanted to help. If we were missing a tank or a healer our meager run wouldn’t fly. This was a common occurrence when you try and merge two casual guilds into a small time raiding guild.

Well the hybrid bug bit me and changed my wow career. I started a druid, my first alternate character, because I wanted to continue being a rogue but be able to tank and heal too. Seemed like a simple enough idea and it also allowed me to join the other casual guild on a separate toon and really sell the idea of a true guild merge under a new name rather than just collaboration.

I met resistance after reaching sixty, the 4 priests that would heal our ZG thought only priests could heal effectively and they wouldn’t let me give it a shot. The tanks were equally reluctant. I began to yearn for people to not show up so I could fill these other roles because it was a whole new way to play the game I was growing so fond of.

Well my two roommates and I were good friends with our casual level up guild, however we three knew we were capable of hanging with and perhaps even surpassing those elite raiders that we often fawned over or ogled in Ironforge.

What to me seemed like a spur of the moment event, my roommate left the guild proclaiming his intention of searching for more of a challenge and desire to see the end game instances. My other roommate quickly followed, and there I sat in the middle of turmoil in guild and officer chat of our first guild. The guild we had worked so hard to congeal into a cohesive ZG raiding unit. Of course everyone was asking me to explain what was going on. Our top dps had just left the guild along with one of our few healers. If I had time to prepare for this moment I probably would have agreed to stay and help rebuild, but in the spur of the moment.. adrenaline flowing.. I was able to say, thanks for everything guys, good luck in the future, but I have to stick with my roommates. I then typed my only serious /gquit (I have typed that command probably 100 times since, mostly out of amusement or spite, but always in jest).

I’m not sure how dropping a guild feels to most people. It is probably a lot less of a rush than those who have done so more than once in a several year wow career, but for me it was like being doused in cold water and then waking up in a warm bath.

I basically lived in Dire Maul on my fresh druid hearing through the grapevine that raiding guilds are more likely to take healers. So without healing addons and in superior quality blue gear I whipped up (spent 5 hours over 2 days) an application to one of the top ten guilds on the server. I had one ZG healed under my belt (I went as a fifth healer to our four priests just so I could see what it was like to heal even though they complained it wasn’t needed). Well Blood Red Moon accepted me and luckily on my first run of Molten Core my nature’s swiftness bugged so I was able to spam healing touch every global cooldown and perhaps cement my position on the trial. (I did actually mention what was happening and it was a good laugh in vent.)

Well I had a good few months healing in BRM. I was present for every guild first kill since I joined including Huhu and Twin Emps in AQ40, and Noth and Faerlina in Naxx40. It was the most glorious time. Raiding was slowing down though with the coming of Burning Crusade, the guild leader stepping down, and raids being condensed to 25 people got me worried about my future in raiding…



  1. Oh the joys of Pre BC days…

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