Posted by: Kro | March 30, 2010

Subliminal Role Play

I wonder to myself now and then if anyone else finds that they subconsciously role play their toons. I don’t intend to play differently when I change toons but often it just comes out.

I’m not talking about complete split personality disorder or different dialect or anything. It’s usually very subtle and sporadic.

For example; On my paladin if I am out and about questing or farming in Wintergrasp and I encounter a lone flagged horde. To go a bit further and just give an extreme lets also say this horde is an oom druid in caster form and has 10% HP of his 15k total HP. This is someone who will fall over if I glance at them. My paladin would not only refrain from killing them, but I would likely help them kill their mob so they survive, /bow or /nod at them and if they are near an elite quest mob, I’ll emote to them that I will taunt once they have tagged and tank it down for them.

This is above and beyond what I would do on likely any other toon. If I were on my DK I would point at them, wait for them to kill their mob and eat to full hp, and then I would kill them. If I were coincidentally on my rogue, I would kill them and then kill their mob for myself. I may even wait for them to come back and kill them again… but only on my rogue.

My Mage ends up being sort of a snob. I’m unlikely to help random passers by and If I do its in quiet reciprocation. I’ll make portals and strudal if asked directly but won’t go out of my way to accommodate trade messages even for gold.

My Druid and Shaman are similar to my Paladin, however they are sort of elitist and are more likely to help other nature based classes. They are also less likely to help Warlocks, Death Knights, or Rogues than other non-nature based classes.

I’d like to stress that none of these reactions are conscious decisions. They are conclusions I’ve made while reflecting back on these random encounters.

I guess my question is, am I a little bit off  or is this a more common occurence? Have you had similar experiences where you treat other players (not guildies or friends but pugs, leveling mates, and anyone you may cross paths with in the wide world) differently based on the class or race you are currently playing?

Maybe the next time you come across a Rogue who is camping you, you can optimistically think that if he were playing his main toon he would help you on his Paladin.

Call me racist but I also subconsioucly adhere to the racial stigmas we find in lore. I’m distrusting of Forsaken toons when it comes to world PVP or cross faction quest helping, I have deep respect for Taurens and Orcs though I have disdain for Trolls (even though I secretly want to play one).

As far as dealing with fellow Alliance, Humans are sort of a mixed bag, Nelfs seem elitist and racially secluded (unless I am playing one or they happen to be a priest or druid)

Draenei, Dwarves, and Gnomes, I don’t really have preference one way or the other.

Again I don’t actually think about these things, It’s more based in after the fact reflections and (I’m guessing) projections I place upon these players from characters in lore.

At any rate, hope I’m not a WoW racist, what do you think?



  1. If thinking that gnomes are the inferior race is wrong then I don’t want to be right.

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