Posted by: Kro | March 29, 2010


Just a short post with an explanation of KRPc

Most gamers know about DKP. This stands for Dragon Kill Points and is generally a way for tallying or giving points that can be spent by gamers within their group. The better your attendance and more dragons or bosses you kill each meeting improves the amount of points you get. When items/loot or something along those lines is awarded to the group, group members can spend their points to determine who gets the item.

Essentially the more you participate the better your chance of being awarded items.

DKP is not an actual part of most games. Instead it lives outside the game and can therefore be a surprise to those new to MMO’s. A good friend of mine was in Molten Core at the start of our WoW days. We had been invited to fill a larger guilds run. When the paladin tier one boots dropped, needless to say, my friend was excited. We were new to “epics” and they were quite rare. The raid leader calmly announced whisper me your bids for the boots. In confusion.. he whispered the raid leader asking what was DKP. His answer? “If you don’t know you don’t have any” and swiftly gave them to someone from the main guild..  With further inquiry my friend asked where it shows is DKP on his character sheet in-game? Needless to say the raid leader didn’t have much patience. We both fumed over the injustice of this imaginary number! Oh the old days when we were newbies.

In The Burning Crusade I came up with my own brand of even more Imaginary DKP. KRP or Kro Respect Points were awarded for participation in PUGs lead by me or for helping me with quests or leveling or anything really. The great thing about KRP is that it really is imaginary and I don’t calculate how many points you actually have so you cannot spend them at any point. I do however remember those that help me and try to repay them.

Essentially KRPc is just a way for me to guilt or amuse people into coming to my pick up groups.

The “c” is another matter entirely. I had a laptop that I played on for about a year and a half. At first my computer made this annoying whirring sound constantly and whenever I tried to speak I would get made fun of for playing in a motorboat, helicopter, and many other vibrating things. Later in the life of that computer certain letters started typing on their own. Most notably was “c”. Myc senctencecs wouccldc fcften locock likce thicscc so my guildies when mocking me would say “come to my run!! and get your KRPc”!

Yes a much longer post than needed to explain KRPc but there you have it!

– Side Note- KRPc was created around the time Niomi mentioned that he as a young boy would put salt in the bath tub while taking a bath because he thought it would turn him into a mermaid. I laughed so hard I banged my head on the keyboard, accidentally engaging autorun, and ran straight into Archimonde.



  1. “And the c stands for ‘Shut the fuck up!'” 🙂

  2. I have the most KRPc of all the people 😀

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