Posted by: Kro | March 29, 2010

Gamers are from.. Azeroth?

Men may be from Mars, and women may be from Venus, however gamers may not fit into the general mold.

Many couples may find insight into their significant others moods, tempers, cycles, or attitudes from the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. What then happens when you’re dating someone from a whole different planet altogether. Sometimes they may speak a different language ( lf5m dps 4 icc25 GDKP full on tanks) and they may find some things important that are just hard to identify with or understand. This can be very frustrating for both people.

In a relationship, the energy expenditure gamers put into their “craft”can cause strain if it’s not carefully monitored on the part of the Azerothain, and at least understood or partially accepted by the Martian or Venusian.

I don’t claim to be the perfect Azerothian, proportionately attendant to the needs of my significant other as I am my guildmates and avatar goals. Striking a perfect balance is likely impossible(at least for me). However, what has worked over the years has made things better by leaps and bounds and it comes down to one concept, understanding.

I haven’t been single for very long since I reached maturity (or one benchmark of it at least). Gaming has always clashed in one way or another with my love life but it hasn’t had a specific impact in such a significant way since I condensed 99% of my gaming time into one game.

My first girlfriend while playing WoW didn’t have many road blocks. Interestingly enough, she was british (well I assume she still is) and my being on the US east coast put her midnight at my own 7pm (7pm being my raid start time). Giving up WoW for a few weeks at a time every several months while she was state side or I was in Great Britain was a small sacrifice. We still had some issues with it. I was generally supposed to email before I went to bed so she could read it in the morning, however after 5 hours of raiding and a few hours of hanging out in Ironforge or doing homework, all of a sudden it was 2am (seems kind of early to a college student) but it was already 7am for her and she’d have no email (I’m forgetful too.. I know, that side of me is Martian). At any rate this unique circumstance doesn’t really apply to many “gaming widows”.

My current relationship is a much better example of a classic Azerothain/Venusian cohabitation.

During the week I will get home at around 6, generally we will chat for a while and usually we will eat together. At some point though, I will log into WoW and start my raiding for the night and many weekends I’ll manage things such as leveling alts, doing alt or 10 man raids, and hanging out with my online friends and former college roommates.

This situation worked out ok before we lived together though sometimes tensions would rise If I became engrossed in what I was doing online and became a great imitation of what it would be like talking to a paper weight on the phone.

Our original living space together had the TV in another room with a staircase in between us. Being in separate rooms was also a downer for both of us, not speaking very often and having to shout across the room. Now that we live in a different building and my desk is set up next to the couch where she watches TV at night we talk a lot more.

Another way to make it work better as an Azerothian is to give up things now and then. Sure its important to you to finish your 10 man raid, do your weekly quest, or finish your current toon you are leveling, but accepting that you just don’t have time to finish every goal for the week you have while maintaining some semblance of connection to the real world is a good starting point to not worrying so much about finishing every goal.

Something that has helped on the part of the Martian/Venusian is the Azerothian properly explaining what a particular goal means to them. Azerothians are very goal oriented people and when they are on the cusp of achieving one of their goals they will be inclined to finish. Azerothians are also depended on by their friends online. A little tender consideration from a Martian/Venusian that an Azerothian will handle a given task or show some attention an hour from now without disrupting 24 people as opposed to leaving straight away and possibly inconveniencing 24 of their friends for the whole week (or reset) goes a long way.

Azerothians ask a lot from their significant others, and it takes a lot to make things work. It’s important for Azerothians to know that they are asking a lot to have such a time consuming hobby and making up for that accordingly helps ease everyone involved.

I think that my wonderful girlfriend knows that if she put her foot down and said I had to choose between WoW and her that I would choose her, but one of the reasons I love her is that she hasn’t asked me to… at least, not just yet =)



  1. I’m putting my foot down… 😛

  2. and this is why I love vikki too 😀

    soooo soooooo much


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