Posted by: Kro | March 26, 2010

Digital Playground

As my college professor would say “My generation discovered the digital world, your generation are its natives.”

I spent my childhood parked in front of movies, Nintendo, and my computer. Sure I played soccer for my town, street hockey in my cul-de-sac, and GI Joes in the woods behind my house, but digital entertainment has always felt the most expressive. I can’t get enough either. I would never let my parents throw away old equipment. My dad working for computer tech companies would upgrade his computer and I would always beg him for his old gear. I convinced my parents to keep a 20-year-old 25″ television with a 50″ wood casing so I could watch films on one T.V. and play video games on the other. I remember raking leaves and beating Zelda: ocarina of time getting Epona and the big goron sword for several friends for cash to buy a xbox and after finishing blood wake and Max Payne, traded back in to upgrade to Gamecube.

Many years of memories from dynowars and big nose the caveman on NES, to Super Mario Bros, Link to the Past, Star Fox, to Metal Gear Solid, Smash Brothers, Spyro, and Ocarina of Time (not sure I can continue this reminiscence without scooting up to the attic and digging out all the old systems.. yes of course I still have them).

Goldeneye 007 was one of the bigger titles in my past. If anyone remembers the frustration you could cause tossing proximity mines on all the spawn locations, especially in the facility in the bathroom vent then you can remember how much fun this game really a side note my favorite settings were facility/license to kill/pistols/no Oddjob (cheap jerks)

Today I still love a good console game. Sometimes when I have friends over we will bust out some Gamecube games on the Wii, Super Monkey Ball and Warioware are two of my favorites, or I’ll play the new Mario Bros Wii with my g/f. (She is getting really good at it too by the way)

Despite this, I really am not the biggest console fanatic anymore. I don’t own a xbox 360 or a ps3 and I didn’t own a Wii until several months ago. Coincidentally both my separate parents owned one before I did.

My sandbox today is Azeroth. With all the glory of the raider, and stigmas that come with it.

Making a character in WoW is pretty simple, you choose a race, a sex, a class. This is probably pretty easy because without knowing the lore you can pick the coolest looking race (if you are 6’5″ IRL obviously your first toon must be a gnome)  Sex is easy too (choosing one yes), most guys will stick with a dude for their first toon (You didnt think at the start you’d be staring at this avatars behind for the next 4 years). Class another easy one, I want to stab things so rogue is the first choice. You swirl through the different options to customize the look of your character thinking, jeez this has probably 1/100 the customizations that the create-a-wrestler N64 games had, but you still look pretty neat and it’s time for a name.

Naming an avatar has always been pretty generic for me. Saving files or naming characters in video games I’ve always gone with Evan, or evin, or Nave (guess what that spells backwards) My original aim name was Xtrais (Meaning of this.. no idea) I had some other nifty names I’d found online and used in chats but hardly remember now. Somehow this time felt different though. Could I have known this name would create a dynasty of characters, my own stable of avatars that would become a second part of me for years to come? I focused my brain desperate to channel what it would be like to be a gnome and eager to get on with it and log in for the first time. Sprockets and cogs, gears and levers, out popped Krogaan and a star was born. 20 Toons, 5 Mains at one point or another, several max level characters each expansion, 2 accounts, and 1 name prefix that I would answer to in the real world as readily as my own name. That was when I was first known as Kro.



  1. Ahhh, goldeneye.

    My friends and i played AC-3 (i think it was -3…maybe -5) and power weapons. Typically in the library or the stack (more room to run).

    The point to the AC-3 was so that you could 1 shot with a head-shot and 2 shot with body-shots (we didnt like the fact you could take 4 or 5 headshots with a magnum when playing on the normal settings). The games were super frantic. It also made body armor SUPER important. It would allow you to take an extra shot or two before dieing.

    Another fun way to play was grenades only in the facility. It was so much fun. same with rocket tag in the temple. Flying guided rockets through the map while watching the other players screens so you could try and get out of the way before being blown up.

    Good times. I might have to reacquire my N64 and play some goldeneye.

    • My friends and I would have to set up booby traps and kneel facing the wall because we all cheated looking at each others screen.

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